BTN Properti : Home Run A Multi-Faceted Mobile Strategy for BTN Financing Triumph

BTN Properti : Home Run A Multi-Faceted Mobile Strategy for BTN Financing Triumph

Background :

BTN (Bank Tabungan Negara), a state-owned bank in Indonesia, specializes in offering customized home financing solutions, aiming to appeal to millennials purchasing their first homes. Despite their unique selling proposition, BTN faced challenges in effectively reaching this tech-savvy demographic, wary of conventional marketing strategies. To stand out in Indonesia's competitive home financing market, BTN had to craft a campaign that not only caught the eye of their intended audience but also fostered trust and credibility in their brand. This endeavor required an in-depth understanding of the audience's needs and pain points, along with a precise communication of BTN's unique value. Additionally, navigating the complexities of mobile campaign execution—considering the limitations of screen size, varying user behaviors, and short attention spans—BTN sought to design an engaging campaign that would captivate their audience's attention and encourage actionable responses, such as completing lead forms or directly applying for home financing on their website.

Approach :

Bank Tabungan Negara (BTN) has strategically leveraged various digital platforms to connect with its target audience, including millennials, newly-wed couples, and first-time homebuyers, aiming to simplify the journey towards owning their dream home. Through paid campaigns that highlight the emotional and financial benefits of home financing with BTN, such as low-interest rates and customized solutions, BTN has effectively tapped into the aspirations of potential customers. Additionally, personalized push notifications have been used to enhance user engagement by tailoring messages based on individual browsing behaviors and interests, thereby increasing website engagement and conversions. Partnering with META for a data-driven advertising approach allowed BTN to deliver bespoke content to first home buyers, enhancing the resonance of their messaging. Furthermore, recognizing the influential power of TikTok among the younger demographic, BTN implemented a creative strategy involving popular influencers to produce relatable content, aiming to boost lead generation through enhanced engagement and trust. This multifaceted approach demonstrates BTN's commitment to utilizing innovative advertising methods to address the unique preferences of its audience, facilitating a more personalized and effective customer experience in the competitive home financing market.

Impact :

Our strategy was centered around creating a mobile-first experience that would engage and inform our target audience and encourage them to take action. We recognized that millennials were our key demographic, and we developed a multi-faceted approach that included targeted social media ads, influencer partnerships, and a mobile-responsive website that offered a user-friendly experience. Our social media ads were specifically designed to target millennials and featured messaging that resonated with this demographic, such as "own your dream home today". We also partnered with influencers who had a strong following among this demographic and created content that showcased the unique features and benefits of our brand. Finally, our mobile-responsive website was designed to provide comprehensive information about our products and services, as well as easy access to mortgage calculators and other tools that helped potential clients make informed decisions about their home financing options. By leveraging those tactics, the result was quite impressive :

A. Meta Lead Conversion Campaign:

  • Overall successfully processed applicants from contacted were maintained at average 63% month-on-month

  • The conversion number was significantly improved by 57% compared to last quarter

  • On-campaign conversion rate was significantly improved by more than 370% compared to last quarter

  • The conversion rate was managed at average 13.04% outperforming the industry benchmark at 2%-3%.

  • The campaign significantly decreased the CPA by more than 80% compared to last quarter

B. Tiktok Campaign :

  • The conversion rate was managed at average 5.2% outperforming the industry benchmark at 2%-3%.

  • The campaign significantly decreased the CPA by more than 40% compared to last quarter

C. Mobile Push Notifications

  • The overall on-campaign driving quality traffic to the website was more than 1,8 million sessions.

  • The number of sessions was significantly improved by 106% compared to last quarter.

  • The session rate was managed at average 52.93% outperforming the industry benchmark at 20%-30%.