Getting to Know Expecting Moms on Digital

Getting to Know Expecting Moms on Digital


There is so much to learn about the challenges, habits, and behaviors of newborn moms online. What is the best way to start? Merries Skin Protection, a skin expert diaper brand under Kao Indonesia, asked Leverate Group to help them identify newborn moms in Indonesia and gain insights into their behaviors and habits on digital. 


  • Our data shows that newborn mothers are actively acquiring information about the wellness of their babies through social media. We proposed a social media activity using Gform to share a mini-survey to reach pregnant moms, new moms, and moms with babies aged 0-2 years old and offer them a free sample of Merries Skin Protection diapers. 
  • We utilized the Instagram platform and supported it with ads to gain more awareness and submissions from the target audience. The campaign ran for six months with a total budget of IDR 13.723.039.


  • Link Clicks: The campaign generated 44,773 link clicks with an average click-through rate (CTR) of 2.51%.
  • Reach: The campaign reached a total of 692,828 people, which was a significant audience for Merries to gather insight and valuable information.
  • Over-Achieved Submissions: The campaign generated 35,532 submissions from the target audience, which was an over-achievement of 587.3% compared to the KPI of 6,050 submissions.