MERRIES : The Mobile First Journey to Diapers Dominance

MERRIES : The Mobile First Journey to Diapers Dominance

Background :
Merries, a brand of baby diapers, navigated the challenges of a competitive baby products market to connect with new parents seeking high-quality, affordable care products. Recognizing the difficulty of breaking into a market with established brands and the necessity of being seen as a trustworthy option, Merries launched a comprehensive digital marketing campaign. This campaign utilized META CPAS, SEM, and SEO, alongside collaborations with key opinion leaders, to ensure visibility and accessibility. The strategy was supported by creative assets like social media ads, video content, and influencer partnerships, all designed to highlight Merries' unique selling points such as softness, superior absorption, hygiene, and quality. This multifaceted approach aimed to build trust and awareness, distinguishing Merries from its competitors by emphasizing its commitment to safety, efficacy, and value for parents and their babies.

Approach :

Merries' innovative strategy in baby diaper branding elevates its market presence by engaging new parents with a blend of creative content, augmented reality (AR) technology, and authentic influencer partnerships. This multifaceted approach not only educates and informs about the product's benefits through quizzes and trivia but also creates interactive experiences that resonate deeply with its audience. By positioning itself as a reliable source of information, Merries aims to become a leader in the baby care industry. The brand has also invested heavily in optimizing content with relevant keywords and user-friendly design, enhancing visibility, traffic, and conversions through strategic SEO and SEM practices. Utilizing META CPAS, Merries leverages machine learning for precise audience targeting and engagement, ensuring a high return on advertising spend. This comprehensive strategy combines technology, creativity, and authenticity, aiming to captivate and maintain the interest of new parents, establishing Merries as a trusted and indispensable brand in the baby care sector.

Impact :

Merries’s a baby care brand that faced a common marketing problem: reaching and engaging with new parents in an already crowded and competitive industry. To solve this problem, Merries employed a comprehensive digital marketing approach that combined creativity, technology, and authenticity to reach and engage with new parents, and establish itself as a trusted and reliable brand in the baby care industry. By leveraging those approach, the result was quite impressive :

A. SEO Campaign:

  • Merries' SEO campaign achieved a significant 236% improvement in keyword visibility after following Google core updates in September.

  • The campaign resulted in a year-on-year increase of more than 45% in users visiting the Merries website.

B. Meta CPAS Campaign:

  • Merries' Meta CPAS campaign achieved a record-high ROAS of 87.94 in October 2022.

  • On-site conversion rates were also at an all-time high of more than 74% in October 2022.

  • The campaign significantly decreased the CPA by more than 69% year-on-year.

  • On-campaign revenue was significantly improved by 494% year-on-year.

C. SEM Campaign

  • The CTR could be maintained at more than 6.7%

  • The campaign CPC decreased by 11.67% year-on-year.