Spotify App Launch in Indonesia

Spotify App Launch in Indonesia

The Challenge:

Introducing the new concept of digital music streaming app was a challenge because there were a lot of educational component involved while focusing on the app installs-driven KPI.

Leverate’s Solution:

Facebook, IG, Twitter, Display, Radio

Client’s Success:

  •  Successfully planned the launch campaign with 1.3 million engagements on desktop and mobile installs , 10K app downloads and over 213K video views
  •  Created coherent and seamless strategy from the pre-launch campaign to the post-launch with over 111.3 million impressions and 142K clicks
  •  Maintained the post-launch campaign amplification and increased monthly active listeners/users consistently.
  •  Significantly lowered the CPE to $0.009, CPC to $0.25 and CPI of $0.6