Pucker Up!

The Perception Towards Budget Lip Products among Middle-Class Indonesian Women

Written by Meidina Rizki, Nisrina Qotrunnada

Leverate Group

Online survey, 112 Respondents (2022)


“Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world.” – Charlotte Tilbury

For a few years now, women have fought to reframe the narrative of beauty and enhancement in society ; it’s not for you, it’s for us! And with lips being a common staple among women everywhere in Indonesia, it’s no surprise that lip makeup has been the make-or-break must-have in their daily pouches. 

So to understand how middle-class women in Indonesia perceive and behave regarding lip products, Leverate Group Asia held an online mini-survey to ask the plump questions. 

1. They feel more beautiful and confident when they wear makeup (99.1%) 

Makeup is all about self-expression and confidence these days. Like a domino effect, having makeup on makes them feel happier (91%), and being happy makes them feel more confident (99.1%), effectively raising their self esteem when they’re feeling down. So, the effort is worth the time for the whole 15-30 minutes of their time day putting on makeup (53.9%).

2. They believe that lip products are the most important element in makeup (96.6%).

A stroke of color on the lips can immediately brighten up the face, so they believe that putting on lip products makes them look fresher (73.3%) and in turn, enhances their look significantly (21.6%). 

3. With the vast range of lip products available, lip creams (45.7%) and lip tints (41.4%) are their favorite, and local brands; Wardah (46%), Emina (42%), and Hanasui (32%) sit at the top of their favorite brands for lip makeup.

Local makeup brands in Indonesia for all segments have been thriving and it has become their staple. 92.2% believe that the quality of local brand lip products have already shown good quality and are even equivalent in quality to imported brands. They also take the products’ ingredients into account (56%)

4. Beauty influencers are key. 

They research the lip products they want to get through recommendations especially from beauty influencers (29.6%) and friends and family (24.5%). Once they’re set, they’ll make their purchase on e-commerce platforms and offline pharmacies (29.44%), especially when it’s sold with promos/discounts (95.7%) and bundled packages (60.3%).